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S8 Smart Jet S EU

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With multiple intelligent massage functions working in parallel, this luxurious chair is designed to mimic the experience of having a professional at-home masseuse.

The stimulating warm-up function works to relax and prepare you for a more intense massage, targeting specific areas of the body as desired. With a suite of massage programmes, adjustable in speed and intensity, the Smart Jet S is truly an investment in yourself and your wellbeing.

Product Features

Type: Massage Chair

Impact zone: neck, back, lower back, body

Purpose: Massage chair

Modes: Zero-G, Gua Sha foot massage

Features: Release of muscle and emotional tension, fatigue and painful sensations, relaxation and body rejuvenation

Massage L-carriage length: extended - 125 cm

Number of massage cushions: 22

Additional functions: Music playback, back heating, adjustable rollers, protection against overheating and short circuit

Number of automatic programmes: 9

Number of massage techniques: 6

Massage techniques: Kneading, knocking, synchronised, tapping, Shiatsu, rhythmical

Number of massage speeds: 6

Number of massage strength adjustment: 5

The number of rollers: 4

Operation: Remote control, Smartphone controlled

Power capacity: 160 W

Noise level: 52 dB

User weight (max): 120 kg

User height: 1.55m - 2.0m

Safety Precautions

We recommend that those with any of the following conditions should consult your physician before using.

  • Those who are using electronic medical instrument embedded in the body, such as cardiac pacemaker.
  • Those that are being treated by doctors, especially those who feel uncomfortable.
  • Those with malignant tumors patients, heart discase patients, acute patients.
  • Women who are pregnant or menstruating.
  • Those with osteoporosis or fracture spine.
  • Those with skin disease or those whose skins are injured.
  • Those whose body temperature is over 38 degrees (Febrile Phase)
  • Do not allow the mentally disabled to use the chair alone. (It is OK under supervision)
  • Do not allow children play on massage chair.
  • Do not allow more than one person to use the chair at a time.
  • If the power cord or power plug becomes damage in any way you must disconnect from the mains supply immediately and consult an authorized service engineer for repair or replacement.
  • Do not damage, process, excessively bend, pull hard, twist or knot power cord.
  • Juveniles are not allowed to use this product.
  • Anyone else, except maintenance personnel specified by our company, should not dissemble, maintain, or remodel this massage chair. If any problem, please contact local dealer immediately.
  • Please do not continuously use the massage chair over 20 minutes, and it is limited to massage a particular part of body in 5 minutes.
  • Please put the massage chair on flat ground for use.
  • When adjusting the legrest or backrest, please do not exert excessive force on it; in addition, keep children and pets well clear.
  • When removing power plug, please hold the insulation plug, do not pull power cord.
  • Please do not use the power supply that is beyond the specified electric voltage,
    as this may cause fire disaster or damage massage chair.
  • Before using, please uncover the back cushion to check whether backrest or fabric is damaged; if damaged, please stop using this massage chair immediately, and
    contact franchiser for repair immediately.
  • Please do not operate the controller with damp hands, and do not put heavy objects on controller
  • Only people less than 120kgs are acceptable.
  • Please do not use other therapeutic equipments together with this massage chair.
  • During use, if you feel uncomfortable, please stop use immediately and consult your doctor.
  • This massage chair is designed and intended for non commercial household use only, do not use the massage chair for medical treatment.
  • The massage chair is equipped with heating function, so people who are insensitive to heat must use it carefully.
  • Always switch off power and remove the plug from the mains socket immediately after use and before cleaning.
  • To avoid causing discomfort, do not use the massage chair immediately after meals.
  • Do not fall into sleep on massage chair, when the massage chair is working.
  • Do not use the massage chair when you are drunk or feel bad.
  • If the upholstery becomes dirty, please use only known good quality leather cleaner, do not use chemical cleaners, petrol or detergents etc, and do not spray pesticide on it.
  • Do not sit on backrest, legrest, or armrest to avoid accidental injury or machine fault.
  • Please do not smoke while using the massage chair.
  • Before maintenance, please pull out power plug. In addition, please do not insert or unplug the power plug with damp hands, to avoid electric shock.
  • When the massage chair is not in use, please switch off power and remove the plug from socket.
  • When power is off, please cut off power supply immediately and pull out the power plug from socket.
S8 Smart Jet S EU
S8 Smart Jet S EU
S8 Smart Jet S EU
S8 Smart Jet S EU
S8 Smart Jet S EU
S8 Smart Jet S EU
S8 Smart Jet S EU
S8 Smart Jet S EU
S8 Smart Jet S EU
S8 Smart Jet S EU
S8 Smart Jet S EU
S8 Smart Jet S EU

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Welcome to a new class of relaxation.

  • Designed to mimic professional massage
  • Stimulating warm-up function
  • Target specific areas of the body as desired
  • A suite of massage programmes, adjustable in speed and intensity