Bedding and protectors to finish your bed

A thick, luxurious protector can transform the feel of your mattress. If you’re a warm sleeper, opt for a cooling clima-control topper, which improves airflow to keep you feeling comfortable.

Sleep.8 is obsessive about sleep quality. Our bedding and protectors are carefully designed to extend the life of your mattress with a soft, comfortable finish. Considering all the hours you’ll spend there, we believe that it’s worth choosing the best for you your bedroom.

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Why shop with Sleep.8?

We’re sleep specialists. You know we’d never settle for a flimsy protector – that’s why ours are thick, luxurious, and scientifically effective.

Why do you need a mattress protector?

After all, our mattresses are designed with the perfect level of comfort, aren’t they?

That’s true, but a protector – being washable and swappable – keeps your new mattress clean and hygienic. It’s easy to whip off and wash, giving you a fresh top-layer whenever you change your sheets. 

It will also help your mattress to look better for longer. (Nobody likes to see a stained mattress.)

Order a protector for delivery with your mattress to qualify for our 100-night Guarantee.

Which mattress protector is best for you?

A simple protector is designed to be waterproof, protecting your mattress from natural body moisture.  It saves your mattress from staining and mildew, and we recommend that everyone uses one of these as a minimum.

If you’d like to increase air-flow and comfort, and regulate your temperature while you sleep, choose an absorbent (wicking) and breathable protector. Look for quilting, which keeps the filling evenly distributed; then select the thickness that you prefer. 

Remember that polyester is not breathable, so we recommend cotton bedding to finish your bed.

How do you fit a mattress protector?

Your new mattress protector is fitted on top of the mattress (underneath a sheet). It will have either stretchy loops or an elasticated ‘skirt’ which is easy to stretch over the mattress, protecting top and sides.

Where can I see Sleep.8 bedding in Spain?

You can see our collection of bedding and protectors in our showrooms. Find your closest shop on the Store Locator page.